Special Session: The 15 Sec LiveStreaming Storm

With the development of science and technology, human beings promote technology and technology promotes life, now we have entered an era of the network. Within the rise of the network, people can find all kinds of novel work on the Internet, so the live streaming industry was born.

The impact of live streaming is amazing, and its rapid development confirms the high-level requirements of emerging media in the era of the network. The live streaming absorbs and continues the advantages of the Internet, and uses the video method to conduct live broadcasts.  In addition,  Tik Tok, Musically and all such applications have gained immense popularity over a very short period of time. Thus they have a great impact on the lives of the consumers and even influence the way people absorb information, the way people shop and even the form of entertainment.

Neil Postman said in "Amusing Ourselves to Death": "All public activities are increasingly entertaining and become a cultural spirit. Our politics, religion, journalism, sports, education, and business are willing to become the vassal of entertainment, no complaints, even silent, the result is that we have become a species of amusing ourselves to death." Tik Tok and other applications could be the evil things in our society since while Tik Tok changing the world and receiving more and more users, many other social issues come out and cause the problem, such as social isolation, wastage of time and energy, nudity, source of harassment and blackmailing, narcissism and self-inflicting pain, etc.

So this year, APSSC has launched a brand new special session: The 15 seconds: Live Streaming Storm and Tik Tok Crisis. In this special session, the scholars from different areas and all over the world can discuss and exchange their thoughts and experience about these possible reasons for the rise of live streaming.  For example, the composition, characteristics, and characteristics of its audience are closely related to daily life. In this area, there are many problems and issues that deserve our attention and research.


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August 27, 2019

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September 25, 2019

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December 17-19, 2019